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Human instincts tell us that appreciating visual beauty is a key part of the human experience. In search for and in relishing its richness, it can play a central role in our lives.

When it comes to home renovations, interior design is the most important decision a homeowner can make. From minor remodels to expansive renovations, the bathroom is one of the most used rooms in a home, so it carries a lot of weight during renovation projects. Bathroom design trends today are shifting towards furniture-grade vanities, frameless glass showers, gorgeous tile installations, and modern lighting features.

It's also important to reduce stress during the renovation process. As long as the homeowner collaborates with the right design-build firm, there's a lot to look forward to when upgrading an old bathroom.

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A bathroom remodel can improve the look and functionality of your home.

  • Higher valuation for the asset.
  • Better quality.
  • Saving energy and money.
  • Technology improvements for better safety.
  • Improved control of humidity.

When you're ready to upgrade your bathroom, it's important to choose a company you can trust for all of your needs. At Unlimited Bath & Kitchen, we offer expert design services to help you decide on the perfect shower, tub, and fixtures for your space, and will help you make selections for other parts of your bathroom as well.

For your more involved upgrades, we're here to help you with every step from start to finish. Whether you want to install a walk-in tub or simply want to give your tired old bathroom a refresh, we're here for you. We're also proud to provide top-quality used baths and accessories to those on a tight budget.

Let us help remodel your home. It takes careful planning and attention to detail, such as comfort, safety, and elegance, to turn your kitchen or bathroom into a thing of beauty.

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Bathtub Installation

Our team of professionals has designed a process to install a custom bathtub that perfectly fits the space of your present bath or shower. Our custom acrylic and gel coat bathtubs are extremely durable and are offered in a wide variety of colors and styles to choose from. Our accessible bathing options, including walk-in baths, offer safety, comfort, and independence for those with limited mobility.

Your bathroom can be transformed in as little as a single day! Call Unlimited Bath today to schedule a consultation!

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