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Your Perfect November Bathroom Remodel Experience Awaits.

At Unlimited Bath, we only offer our customers shower remodel services because we know that having a universal design in mind is the key to creating a long-lasting bathroom. We know showers continue to be the most popular choice for bathroom remodeling and we’re here to bring your bathroom into the 21st century.

Are you looking to increase the comfort of your bathroom? Seeking additional space to store?

Exactly. The way it should be! When deciding where to spend your money, you should consider where you sleep every night.

However, for the typical person, the bathroom is often a separate room in their homes which is a place most people spend a few hours each day.

Whether working, getting ready, or maintaining your personal hygiene, you can't live without a washroom.

And yet, despite home builders knowing what homeowners want in a (home) theater room, they often create this part of a home as little more than an afterthought.

You use your bathroom multiple times throughout the day, from getting ready in the morning to wash off makeup at night, and need to make the space functional and stylish. You simply can’t live without a functioning washroom.

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bath-landing2-2 image

And yet, many home builders seem to be creating a few rooms for these homeowners. These rooms are often conceived as an after-thought, in that the builder designs and creates a showplace for the house, and decides how to provide more space, often deciding to simply add on to the home without taking the space that is already there and using it effectively.

Unlimited Bath is a more affordable choice in complete renovation and remodeling services thanks to its competitively low prices.

We’re here to take the stress out of renovation and installation by helping you find the perfect design for less. From humble beginnings to three generations of expertise, we continue to be the trusted choice for bathroom renovation projects in Honolulu, HI. We invite you to call or visit our showroom to discover the perfect new design for your bathroom.

We provide experienced and trusted professionals to help more regional homeowners more affordably complete their total home rebuild from start to finish.

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Our qualified specialists have formulated a process for a precise bathtub installation to preserve your shower or tub and fit it within your space.

Our bathtubs are even more durable than you can imagine. We offer them in an assortment of sizes, styles, and colors to ensure a completely tailored experience.

If your concern is related to accessibility, we can also install walk-in tubs to make your daily routine easy, allowing you to do tasks related to bathing with ease.

Built-in seats and grab bars on our walk-in tubs offer our customers with disabilities added independence.

Now you can add a bathroom in as little as one day! Contact the professionals at Unlimited Bath.

Need someone to remodel your bathroom? Give us a call at 1-808(490-3266) so that we can help you schedule a completely free consultation and estimate, today!

Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom renovation can be a tiring job if you don’t plan properly. So what you need to consider is planning. It can be a very tiresome job if you don’t plan it properly. So before renovating your bathroom or converting it into one of its plans how will you arrange your floor tiles, how will your sinks, toilet, mirror, etc..

You need contractors on your side who have the construction knowledge and experience necessary to make fast, safe and effective changes to your building.

In trying to complete your project on your own, you would need someone for every step of the way. This is cost-intensive and inefficient.

A different service provider for each need of the customer such as flooring, painting, electricity, and plumbing.

Of all the handymen on the market, Unlimited Bath is used and trusted as the right choice every time! Others may promise low prices, but no one can save you more on expert renovation results.

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